I know what u did last Thunderstorm !

        Abu and Ali are planning to play badminton together that evening ... Suddenly , a drizzly rain shower falling down and in a couples of minutes it turns into a thunderstorm.Both of them looks so sad because they need to changed their plan for that evening. By waiting the rains to stop, Abu has discovered  something weird '  about that rain. 

----------------------------------------The story begin ----------------------------------------------------

Abu : Ali , looks here ! the rain is not like water droplet as usual , but in solid precipitation.

Ali   : Emm , are u serious? how could that things happen so sudden ?? 

Abu : In my opinion , i thinks it is just an simple imaginary process might take places starting by
droplets of water is bring together with the thunderstorm.

Ali   : Ooo , i see ... so it surely will bring above into the clouds right ?

Abu : Yes ! thats right Ali ...

Ali   : What happen next?

Abu : Inside the thunderstorm ,
small droplet of water tends to freeze 
        and grow in size.

Ali   : So , it means that , the drops will freeze due to good portion of the cloud layer which is in
        freezing level below than
 0 °C (32 °F) ?

Abu  : Yup, exactly..

Ali    : Ok , let me explain the prognosis , it means that when the solid ice  become bigger in size eventually , 
         it will became more denser and tends to fall down back to the earth .

Abu  : True ! that's happen because of the gravitational forces.And that solid ice is known as hailstones.

Ali    : In brief, the formation of hailstone is influenced by this reaction = > the level of his severe 
        storm  + strength of updrafts into the cloud..

Abu  : Ok , so how we going to detect the occurrence of hailstone  ???

Ali    : It can be detected by Vertically Integrated liquid (VIL) gives the liquid water content 
         in the cloud and weather radar =  detect the presence of hail-producing 

Abu  : Let me add some additional information , research also shows that hail development in 
         the upper levels of the storm is related to the evolution of VIL. VIL is divided by the 
         vertical extent of the storm, called VIL density, has a relationship with hail size, although 
         this varies with atmospheric conditions.

Ali    : Thank God, your explanation is understandable. But I wonder, what is the impact of these
          hailstone formation ? 

Abu  : Basically on what i've read is that the hail will give a nasty impact to
Secondly, it will cause damage to residences
          massive hailstones have been known to 
cause concussions or fatal head
      traumaThirdlyserious damage notably to mobile,aircraft, skylights, glass-
          roofed structures.

Ali    : So scared ! huhu , before i forget these hailstone phenomena usually happen in what 

Abu  : Frequently it happened in mid-latitudes region but less common in the tropics, 
         despite a much higher frequency of thunderstorms than in the mid latitudes such as
         southern and western Germany also northern america.

Ali    :  Thanks Abu for your sharing , now  it really open my eyes the important of reading
         many journal and article in science direct and google scholar like you always did . 

Abu  : Haha , welcome back . Im just loving to see the changes of the environment surround us , 
         thats it. 

----------------------------------------------------------------The end story ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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